• The Shoulder Service at APM

    Active Physio runs a dedicated shoulder clinic to service the residents of Mackay who are experiencing shoulder problems. A team of 3 physiotherapists with a clinical interest in shoulders are available and provide a highly professional service. Patients are offered a thorough detailed assessment of all the factors influencing their shoulder pain and are provided with a comprehensive and individualised treatment plan to address these. When indicated onward referral for medical imaging or specialist orthopaedic opinion can be facilitated.

    The shoulder team frequently see patients referred from local GP’s and Orthopaedic surgeons. We also see patients referred from Upper Limb Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeons in Townsville and Brisbane. We strive to create close working relationships with our referrers through regular communication and providing a high quality professional service.

  • Meet the Shoulder Team

  • Ginny Erichsen, APAM, BSc Hons Physiotherapy

    Ginny Erichsen is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with 25 years of clinical experience. She has spent the last 16 years of her clinical practice focusing on shoulder related injuries, providing assessment and rehabilitation services to people with shoulder pain or following shoulder surgery. 

    Ginny regularly attends shoulder courses, follows current research and teaches newly qualified physiotherapists within the practice. She is regularly asked to provide second opinions for complex shoulder cases by Physiotherapists and GP’s.

  • Isaac Fitzsimon, Physiotherapist, BPhty

    Currently, Isaac works with the Mackay Meteors as the lead physio and is a member of the APA Musculoskeletal and Sports + Exercise national groups. He is also the team leader of our Sarina clinic.

    Isaac prides himself on having a very personable approach to all his patients taking the time to understand both the condition and the person in front of him. He has undergone a number of post graduate courses to expand his knowledge and assist in enhancing patient outcomes.

  • Steve Gabriel - Physiotherapist - BAppSc MPhysioPrac

    Steve joined the team at Active Physiotherapy after completing a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University. He has enjoyed playing a wide variety of sports including basketball, volleyball, netball and boxing before discovering his passion for Australian Rules Football and rock climbing.

    Steve places a high value on patient education and communication to ensure his patients always feel they have a fantastic understanding of their road to recovery.

  • How can Physio help me?

    Shoulder pain is a very common condition seen by physiotherapists and provides a vital role in you recovery.

    A Physiotherapist can provide you with a thorough assessment of your shoulder pain and consider all of the factors which are contributing to your pain. Understanding what is happening to your shoulder and why is essential for good clinical outcomes. A physiotherapist will spend time with you explaining this and how you can help yourself and then an individual treatment plan can be designed and implemented.

    We regularly see patients before and after surgery with a broad range of injuries including fractures, muscle, tendon or ligament injuries, dislocations, nerve conditions and arthritis.