• Gym Physiotherapy

    Gym Physiotherapy aims:

    • progress home exercise
    • retain or improve work fitness
    • return to gym advice after a specific injury
    • sports conditioning
    • 'pre-hab' surgery preparation
    • injury prevention

    At Active Physiotherapy Mackay our gym is equipped and ready for assessment and demonstration, which is utilised for patient recovery post injury.

    Equipment includes:

    • Exercise bikes
    • Treadmill
    • Lift boxes and weights
    • Theraband and pulley systems
    • Wobble board and balance equipment
    • Pilates reformer 

    We also can travel to the gym of your choice (travel fees apply).

  • Aquatic Physiotherapy

    At Active Physiotherapy Mackay we conduct regular aquatic physiotherapy sessions which are supervised by a physiotherapist, to assist return to optimal function post injury.

    Aquatic Physiotherapy, formerly Hydrotherapy, involves undertaking exercise therapy in a heated pool, utilizing the basic principles of water to assist joint movements and muscle activity that may otherwise be difficult on land during recovery from injury or surgery.

    Benefits of Aquatic Physiotherapy include:

    • Warm water decreases muscular spasm and pain
    • Buoyancy of water can assist joint and muscle mobility
    • Resistance of water can aid improvements in muscle strength and endurance
    • Pain relief for chronic joint injuries
    • Core strength development to assist pain management for chronic low back pain

    Injuries that can benefit from Aquatic Physiotherapy:

    • Low back pain
    • Joint replacements
    • Acute tendon and muscular injuries
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Shoulder, neck and arm pain
    • Post fractures
    • Sports injuries
    • Balance and coordination problems
    • A number of neurological presentations

    Aquatic physiotherapy sessions are held at the location of your choice. A travel fee applies for the physiotherapists time, which can be shared with consecutive bookings. Entrance fees will also be required to be paid.