• Frequently asked questions

    • Are Health Fund rebates available?

      Active Physiotherapy Mackay is equipped with the TYRO system which will, in most cases, allow you to instantaneously receive your health insurance rebate. The gap payment can either be paid via EFTPOS, credit card or cash. TYRO is available in our Mackay and Sarina clinics. 

    • Where is Active Physiotherapy Mackay located?

      We have 2 convenient locations at 3/43 Gregory Street Mackay and 28 Central Street Sarina.

      The Mackay clinic is located on the corner of Gregory and Alfred streets, one block east from the Mackay Entertainment Centre or one block west of the TAFE building. Click here to see our location on Google Maps. There is a bus stop on Gregory St directly outside our clinic premises with a number of buses running daily - please click on this link for the route from/to Gregory St to Canelands, https://jp.translink.com.au/plan-your-journey/timetables/bus/m/303

      The clinic in Sarina is co-located with Pioneer Podiatry at 28 Central Street, 2 doors down from the RSL club. 

    • Do I need a referral?

      No, you do not need a referral to see a Physiotherapist if you are a private client. If you have a referral to a different physiotherapy clinic and you wish to come to Active Physiotherapy Mackay you can choose to use that referral to see a physiotherapist at Active Physiotherapy Mackay. A doctor's referral is required if another party is responsible for your account, such as Workcover, DVA or motor vehicle accident insurance.

    • Is there parking available?

      At the Mackay clinic, 11 off street car parks are available for the complex. On street parking is a 2 hr limit, or centre parks along Gregory St are all day.

      For the Sarina clinic, on street parking on Central St is available.

    • How long are the appointments?

      An initial private appointment is 45 minutes long and follow up appointments are 30 minutes. Active Physiotherapy Mackay is the only Physiotherapy clinic in Mackay to offer a guaranteed 45 minute initial appointment.

      Continence and Pelvic Floor initial appointments are 45 minutes to 1 hour duration and follow up appointment length will depend on your individual treatment plan.

    • How much will an appointment cost?

      From time to time our services and treatment charges change. Please contact us for up to date consultation fees by phoning 07 4953 3557.

    • What is Physiotherapy and what will happen at my first appointment?

      Physiotherapy (physical therapy) aims to restore proper functioning to the body or, in the case of permanent disease or injury, to reduce the impact of any dysfunction.

      During your first appointment the physiotherapist will:

      - ask you many questions to gain understanding of how your injury developed and how easily it may be irritated, and

      - assess your injury or problem and work with you to develop an individualised treatment plan.

      It is important to know that the physiotherapist may ask you to take off some of your clothes so they can see the area of your body where you are having a problem. You may want to wear gym clothes that allow different parts of your body to be seen without taking off your clothes.

      The physiotherapist may use a range of hands on, electrotherapy (e.g. ultrasound), exercise or needling to aid in your treatment. If you have any questions prior to your appointment, feel free to call our clinic on 07 4953 3557 to speak with your physiotherapist. 

  • If you have any further questions not answered here please contact us