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    This class incorporates standing balance, leg strength and bone stimulating exercises to treat osteoporosis and osteopenia, using body weight and small exercise props. Unfortunately the consequences of a fall can be catastrophic such as a fractured hip or prolonged hospital stays. Advancing age does not mean that you need to become inactive. Standing activity improves bone density, makes leg and trunk muscles strong and can improve balance and reduce your risk of a fall. Join our fall prevention and osteoporosis class to increase safety and fitness.

    Classes Tuesday @ 11.00am.

    $36.00 per Class. Health Fund rebates apply.


    Do you have an injury preventing / disrupting your running? At Active Physiotherapy, we specialize in the management of running injuries. Senior physiotherapist Suz, has completed the 'Running Rehab: Running retraining, exercise and performance' course. Suz has acquired the skills and knowledge to diagnose biomechanical deficits in injured runners and how common running faults can lead to injury. Call 49533557 or use our online booking gateway to book your running assessment to receive advice and education on running retraining, exercise, footwear and other interventions for both injury and performance in running.


    Everybody is different and sometimes we need to fit your bike to suit your specific anatomy, flexibility, strength or previous injuries. A bike fit can help any sort of rider – from the elite to recreational; those suffering pain or discomfort, or those just wanting to be as efficient as possible. At Active Physiotherapy our senior physiotherapist Suz can help you achieve your ultimate cycling set up.

    Call 49533557 or use our online booking gateway to book with Suz today.




    Active Physiotherapy Mackay, in conjunction with Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN), are running a 8 week program in Mackay and Sarina which includes a free:

    - 'Get Active' exercise class, for people who are unaccustomed to exercise (conditions that participants may have include but are not limited to diabetes, heart or lung conditions and obesity, to be delivered at Active Physiotherapy Mackay, 3/43 Gregory Street, Mackay;

    - 'Get Balanced' falls prevention exercise class for people who are medically deconditioned, have osteoporosis, poor balance, are frail, elderly or those with neurological conditions leading to reduced balance and unsafe to exercise independently);

    A health screening questionnaire will be required before commencing and possibly GP clearance to exercise.

    These classes are free - the next round will start in February 2022. For more information please click on below banners - to register your interest and to receive more information please call Active Physio on 49533557.