• Injury Prevention

    Active Physiotherapy Mackay’s physiotherapists are skilled in screening athletes and clients of all backgrounds. We have agreements with many elite teams to assess musculoskeletal flexibility, strength, endurance, fitness, balance, power and skill, to identify modifiable factors before these become injuries. Coaches, athletes and parents can then be given programs to address any problems and reduce future injury risk. Athletic performance can also be enhanced in this process.

    Athletes are not the only individuals to benefit from this process. We perform pre-employment functional assessments, which operate in a strict fashion depending on job demands. We can identify if your body is the right fit for a job, and also direct you to areas for improvement and how to go about this.

    Healthy body checks can also be carried out at Active Physiotherapy Mackay. Some health funds also see the great benefit and pay high rebates for once a year checks to prevent injuries. We can test your spine (for example) for posture, muscle control, movement pattern and flexibility. We would also discuss your lifestyle and general exercise regime with you to identify any deficits or ways to optimise your health. Family history could be an important factor that motivates you to seek our expert advice- for instance diabetes, heart disease, scoliosis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or stroke, just to name a few conditions that would benefit from a scheduled yearly discussion with your physiotherapist.

    For clients with a disability, our experience steers decision making for preventing or reducing co-morbidities. An example can be for clients with impairing chest posture, our physiotherapists can assist directing general exercise to increase pulmonary tolerance and optimise breathing patterns, which would reduce the impact of a future chest infection.

    A feature of all mid-term consultations is to educate our clients and direct with exercises, to reduce future recurrence of their presenting condition. For example, recurrent lower back pain can be minimised for future episodes with global and specific strengthening exercises, and with ergonomics and manual handling education.