• Home Rehabilitation

    Active Physiotherapy Mackay provides in home physiotherapy to patients who require home based care, who are unable to travel to our clinic due to pain, ill health or transportation difficulty and ongoing treatment, commonly following discharge from hospital - travel fees apply. We offer professional, caring and timely rehabilitation services in the comfort of your own home enabling a speedy return to your optimal health and function.

    Home based and disability physiotherapy is a client-centred health profession which focuses on enabling people to participate in everyday activity taking into account limitations due to physical, mental or developmental conditions. We identify individual strengths and skills and then modify the occupation or environment to achieve the most realistic and optimal level of engagement.

    Physiotherapy home rehabilitation services provide care across a wide range of conditions including:

    • Joint replacements
    • Fractures
    • Respiratory, Cardiac and Neurological conditions
    • Mobility
    • General deconditioning
    • Home Safety Assessments
    • Activities of Daily Living Assessments
    • Patients unable to drive and ambulate in community due to injuries sustained
    • Breathing difficulties, chest infections, COPD, emphysema, pneumonia
    • Loss of balance
  • Services and Treatment options:

    Home based and disability physiotherapists are able to provide a wide variety of intervention strategies depending on the needs of each individual client. These interventions may include:

    • Home Safety Assessments/Recommendations
    • Home Modification Assessments/Recommendations
    • Falls Risk Assessment & falls reduction and strengthening exercise programs
    • Everyday Task adaption strategies
    • Chest physiotherapy, pulmonary rehabilitation home programs for shortness of breath or loss of fitness