• Neurological Physiotherapy

    Neurological physiotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of people with movement and function disorders that have originated from problems within the body’s nervous and neuromuscular system. This can include:

    • traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, stroke, Cerebrovascular accident, transient ischemic attacks,
    • syndromes or genetic and congenital conditions like cerebral palsy
    • functional difficulties associated with learning disorders like Autism
    • Disease that affect the brain and spinal cord or peripheral nervous system, with more common examples being Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neuron Disease, CMD, Ataxias, Huntingtons, and AdrenoLeuko disorder.

    Active Physiotherapy Mackay are the first private practice to be accredited with the MS Queensland’s NeuroPartner program. This program promotes evidence based neurological physiotherapy with the aim to increase quality and access of care for clients with neurological disorders. 

    Our nominated physiotherapists are Danielle, Dale, Claire and Jemma. We highly value communication and compassionate care. We will supply timely correspondence with specialists, GPs, MS QLD, and care coordinators, and supply very clear exercise instruction or advice to patients. Danielle and Dale have a special interest in bladder/bowel and sexual dysfunction, and Claire and Jemma in mobility, equipment prescription, fatigue management, exercise, balance, hydrotherapy and home visits. The NeuroPartner training package will involve extensive upskilling and working closely with specialist neurological physiotherapists.

    Neurological conditions often manifest themselves as muscle weakness, poor balance and coordination, fatigue, ataxia, difficulty walking, uncontrolled muscle spasm and tremors, loss of function and decreased sensation or numbness.

    Your Physiotherapist will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your strength, coordination and balance and will then tailor a treatment program to your unique needs. Depending on the impairment, your physiotherapy treatment may include:

    • Home exercise program for balance, fitness, flexibility or fatigue management
    • Passive Limb Exercises: if you are unable to move your arms and legs yourself
    • Positioning / Splinting: correct limb positioning, or splint prescription, to ensure that your joints don’t tighten
    • Bed Exercises: to stretch and strengthen your muscles
    • Breathing and Circulation Exercises: to prevent respiratory and vascular complications such as chest infection and DVTs
    • Mobilisation: assistance to move safely in bed, sit up, stand and walk
    • Mobility Aids: prescription, advice and instruction on how to safely use a walking frame, or other walking aids as required

    Neurological physiotherapy treatment may include hands-on therapies, movement retraining, specific exercise prescription and a home exercise program. Some people with neurological conditions require additional support, high levels of care and specialised equipment – your Physiotherapist can guide you and your family to the most appropriate services and organisations, so that you can receive the support you need. Please contact us for more information regarding our neurological physiotherapy consultations, our lead Neurological physiotherapist is Claire Stevenson.