• Occupational Health

    Active Physiotherapy Mackay provides the following Occupational Health services:

    • Work Cover Injuries
    • Workplace visits
    • Return to work plans
    • Back care education
    • Ergonomic assessments
    • Pre-Employment Assessments

    Safe Lifting

    Physiotherapists understand the mechanics of your muscles, bones, joints and ligaments, and how injuries occur. A Physiotherapist can help to: 

    • Rehabilitate Musculoskeletal Injuries from lifting and ensure safe return to lifting tasks 
    • Teach you how to better handle loads and heavy lifting 
    • Set you up with a custom strength and conditioning program to reduce the likelihood of your muscles tiring during lifting tasks, which increases the risk of injury 
    • Improve the flexibility of your muscles and joints, which will help to attain correct technique when lifting

    Ergonomic Assessments

    Our qualified physiotherapists can come to you and your workplace to make sure your work station is set up correctly to prevent injuries such as: Neck and Shoulder Pain, Headaches and Eye Strain, Back Pain, Hand and Wrist Pain, etc. Ergonomic Assessments seek to improve productivity and quality by reducing the risk of injuries and illnesses all the while increasing efficiency.

    Pre Employment Assessments

    Active Physiotherapy Mackay provides pre-employment assessments. Pre-employment assessments are conducted by a qualified physiotherapist specially trained by Jobfit Systems International. Assessments provide information regarding an employee’s current physical fitness, current safe working and lifting loads. Additionally these assessments can identify information regarding pre-existing injuries and physical limitations that may assist determining suitable physical roles for employees.

    To find out more information regarding any of our Occupational Therapy services contact our clinic on 49533557.