• Exercise Physiology

  • Introducing Accredited Exercise Physiology to our services here at Active Physiotherapy Mackay in our new purpose-built gym.

    Our accredited Exercise Physiologist will be offering a range of services, primarily exercise prescription for the prevention & management of a range of pathologies and/or conditions.

    We accept Medicare, WorkCover, NDIS and DVA referrals, as well as return to work and functional capacity evaluation (FCE) referrals. Hydrotherapy, gym and home visit services are also available.

    Exercise Physiology can aid in the prevention and management of:

    • Cardiovascular health (CHD/CAD, PVD/PAD)
    • Metabolic health (diabetes, obesity) & pre- and post-management of bariatric interventions
    • Respiratory health (COPD, emphysema)
    • Cancer (pre & post-intervention recovery and rehabilitation)
    • Musculoskeletal health & pain management including pre- & post-surgery recovery and rehabilitation
    • Bone health (osteoarthritis, osteophenia)
    • Mental Health (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia)
    • Neurological rehabilitation (NDIS - cerebral palsy, stroke, parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, ASD, etc.)
    • General health & wellbeing
  • Difference Between Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology

    The main difference between Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists is that a physiotherapist offers hands-on treatment including joint manipulation, massage and acupuncture (dependent on the training & education they have received). Exercise Physiologists are trained in prescribing clinical exercise interventions that are specific to individuals rehabilitation process.

    Physiotherapists are required in the acute phase of the rehab process and should be engaged with immediately following sustaining an injury. During the recovery phase, physiotherapists will continue to manage the symptoms of the injury, however an Exercise Physiologists will provide a structured, clinical exercise intervention to improve range of motion and strength to promote optimal function.

    Both our physiotherapy & exercise physiology team offer their services for all referral and patient types including Workcover, DVA, NDIS and Medicare and work closely together to deliver the best evidence-based and patient-centered care we possibly can!